I design
brands and digital products.

Hi, I am Matt.

I have been doing Strategy & UI/UX/Product design consultancy for 6 years.

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What I can do for you

Strategy for businesses

I facilitate discovery leading to creation of the gameplan for your future success.


I design creative solutions to grow your brand in your client's eyes.

Designing digital products

I design webpages and web application with great UX that affects conversion and customer satisfaction.

And many more...

That’s just what I do.

Within my organization we can do much more
(new technologies - IA, ML, web development).
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And many more...

That’s just what I do.

Within my organization we can do much more (storytelling, brand design, marketing, AI/machine learning).

My work

1/iq-crm - erp/crm for mid-size companies in logistic industry

About the project

Application for management and coordination process in logistic/spedition industry for mid-size companies. Project involved redesigning and rebuilding desktop platform into web based SaaS application.

My role

UI/UX designer, front-end developer and project manager. I redesigned UI based on existing screens and their functionalities and coded static part of the front-end that was integrated into angularJS.

I coordinated work, facilitate communication between stakeholders and team of developers, set up workflows and plan sprints in Agile. I also colaborated with other developers in order to set up development environment.

Tools, skillset and deliverables

UX part : analytics, contextual inquries, personas, user journeys, expert reviews, benchmarking

UI part: Photoshop and invision for sketching, wireframing and prototyping.

Coding part: HTML(pug) and SASS for front-end development.

Project management part: Jira and Confluence for project management.

Business impact and results

Rebuilding system architecture that improved overall performance by 55%

Agile project management in Jira & Confluence improved clarity in the project’s tasks which speed up the work

Decluttered UI, redesigned tasks flows which led to better UX (time needed to finish key tasks reduced by 42%)

2/Solar energy data management in-house web app

About the project

Web application for in-house use for data management and processing which helps preventing errors and malfunctions in the system.

My role

Designed UI and UX of the system basing on customer feedback, user needs and competition. I emphasised UX on mobile because the main purpose of the app was analysing data outside off the office. I created sketches, low fidelity wireframes and tested them. After designing phase i coded front-end.

Tools, skillset and deliverables

UI/UX part : User interviews, user journeys, personas, sketches, wireframes Coding part: HTML(pug) SASS and JS (ES6) for front-end development.

Business impact and results

User research and multi-layered UI led to better comprehension of the system which facilitate analyse enormous amount of data for final users compared to the competitors’ solutions

Happy users : Improved usability of the application (based on Qualitative data) in mobile devices (users travel a lot) affected error discovering and handling.


About the project

Develop the marketplace system which facilitates trading album covers between visual designers and indie music bands

My role

Front-end developer, product designer, project manager and general startup consultant for a non-tech first-time entrepreneur client. I was introducing the client into startup world. As a front-end developer and product designer I identified requirements, created scope and selected best technology for the project.

Tools, skillset and deliverables

Product designer part: Business model canvas, technical and business documentation, sharing knowledge by consulting (mostly about market research and ways to validate assumptions)

Project manager: Jira & Confluence

Front-end developer : HTML/SASS/JS

Business impact and results

Built custom web application on TYPO3 which facilitated management of the marketplace system (payments, users’ albums, transactions)

Upskilled client’s business and technology knowledge which would be invaluable in other projects

4/Other projects

About the projects

During 6 years I designed more than 20 websites/UIs, coded front-end for about 40 projects and was involved into many startup activities (including my own). I also designed logotypes, POS materials and did other marketing activities.

About me

Mateusz (Matt) Wolniak

Short description

I am a self-driven, growth-oriented, 27 years old UX designer with a great understanding of people, technology and business. I focus on adding value to everything I contribute to. That makes me tick.

Download my CV My purpose and values (company webpage)

Area of expertise


  • User centered design (UCD) & HCI
  • Wireframing, prototyping and UI design
  • Interaction Design (IxD)
  • Information Architecture (IA)
  • User research, capturing requirements, journey maps
  • Usability tests & evaluation

Product design

  • UX/business strategy
  • Business development
  • Strategic planning
  • Gamification


  • GIT/SVN, Gulp + Webpack
  • Jira & Confluence
  • General knowledge about development cycle


  • Axure, Sketch, Invision, Principle, Flinto
  • Photoshop, Illustrator, Affinity Designer
  • Google Analytics, Hotjar and similar
  • Slack, Toggl, Workflowy, Evernote

My clients say

Tomasz Augustyniak - Intensis Software

During many years of cooperation together, we successfully completed over a dozen projects! They are always available, have excellent communication skills and are willing to share their knowledge.

Cooperating with them is a pleasure and a very nice experience!

Dr. Wolfgang Reiterer - Biotrem, wore.at

A passionate and professional approach to marketing based on knowledge and experience.

Good communication and projects were completed on time. Very helpful, I can truly recommend them.

Marcin Kuzniak - Bueller & Frye

Reliable, fast and (most importantly) on time!

Sincere engagement in projects, good communication and work organization. Worth recommending.

Elzbieta Gradziel - Coders Lab

Mateusz was a key member of the team responsible for creating the Digital UX course at Coders Lab.

Throughout the remote collaboration, he showcased his cross-disciplinary knowledge in business, design & strategy.

His deep understanding of the UX field and ability to receive and incorporate feedback facilitated the creation of tangible solutions.

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